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This song is by Carnal Grief and appears on the album Out Of Crippled Seeds (2004).

Surreal pictures appear before your eyes
Mind of aggression twisted into

Instanitary mind of aggression
Altered by evil minds
Tainted by evil will
Instanitary mind of aggression

Your body controlled by the taintors
Doing what they bid, thy will overthrown
Thy efforts is to no use at all
Evil deeds done with thy controlled mind

Instanitary mind of aggression
Your will overthrown by evil
Your actions a strife towards aggression
Instanitary mind of aggression

Gates of instanity, before you eyes
Prepare to enter the end of normality

This your life will all end
End in a soft cell confirmed with straps
Condemned to this state in all eternity
Ending thy life in a sanitarium

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