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Wondering (Come With Me)

This song is by Carnal and appears on the album Curse This Day (2003).

My passage to darkness
With closed eyes towards infinity
The following openings of truth are not sufficient
Constant hunger impressions pushes forward

Why does not my sight reach for enough

Come with me, my friend
I wanna show You the End
I'll take you to the edge of feelings
For you from the stream of the truth
To take the strength for the further way

Come and I'll show you the land of withering flowers
Where sadness covers the earth
You'll see a troadden rose
On which the cold rain falls every day
To devoid her of the rest of her life

Come with me my friend
And you'll be given years
No experience will we gain together
But you'll see a place with no way out

You'll feel the gust of death
Inhale the dirty air
And lay to the grave with covered face
Cause finally you'll know the direction
You should head for

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