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The Broken Promises

This song is by Carnal and appears on the album Curse This Day (2003).

... Listen to what the others say
Even to fools and ignorants
They also have their own story ...

In suffering and pain
Your idea borns
Among the bustle and cry
You create the new thought
Your lips utter the words
And every following carries the burthen of the previous
Crystallized and once said
Stops being dependent on your will

And even
You are trying to arrange the song from your words
That it could heal you from your suffering
The song filled with beautiful thoughts
Rich in the most hidden dreams

But the vision of harmony
Will go up in eternal flames
That waste every sign of change
And doesn't let the truth sprout

And even
The vision of dying hope
That dared to be born at the bottom of brain
Is not able to fight the fire
And keep the given words
So sign your song you fools
That are to change the world
In a while you will see your words
Vanishes the wind and stop to sound

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