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This song is by Carminet3.

Best of both worlds is in me,
Carmine '09 is T3
And everybody know exactly who we be
We them dude who sniff lines off they CD
Come talk with T3! we living it baby
Fame and more respect yeah we getting it baby
Ooh the heart-throb got you tingling baby
See I'm single with pringles for mingling baby
Fiesta! It's all in fun
I'm the pimp slash ho, rockstar Slash all in one
And I bet'cha ya never find another electra- cuting cutie on the spectra
Shining like a spectrum so please get off yo rectum
A party's going on and you hardly going on
And all the maticons just tryna party party
And I'm slicker than a Ricky D so holla \"Lodi Dodi\"
Everybody know my name, same breath as Marley marley
Say it twice 'cause I'm nice I got spice like Parsley
Ha! but I'm great like Presley
I'm cool ike you so just do what I do, yeah

Lets pregame to this one,
Don't want no ugly girl but I will take a rich one
I'm easy on the eyes but its cool if you listen
And if the 'Ville ain't poppin' then we headed to Richmond to Richmond yeah (x2)

Okay, I touch down up in Richmond
This pretty girl stops to ask me if I'm Glitch1
I told her Hell Yeah Beetnix I'm the shit son
What happens here stays here its Vegas to Richmond
Ain't gotta Carmine I'm suggesting you get one
Its bartime Carmine I just let my star shine
I lock the stage down and I sentenced the beat
So look instead of doin' crimes why don't you listen to me? T3!

I slow the track down and murdered the beat
B**** I'm cold but my flow holds convertible heat
Like Myrtle Beach I'm from the south, Can't you tell by the swaag?
Its jet-lag aviators when they check my bags
Throw a party on the plane, the elevation mane got 'em throwing up the brain without throwing up the name
The urgency of turbulence got 'em slap-happy
Live my life just like a movie I ain't gotta act happy
See them Richmond girls
(They call me Jack-Rabbit)
And them Richmond girls
(They got a bad habit)
And that Richmond scene, it's like a crack attic
See I love it and I hate it, I guess I'm back at it
Oh well I'm independent now get her down
Said you can take it all at once go 'head and sit her down
And just (scratch) dance to this
You know we only turn it loud to make ur parents pissed
Damn I damaged this, with no aim my bars are handle-less
You can't handle that, you can't handle this I dismantle raps Boy
You see when errbody stop and errbody look now errbody To The Top
Ha, and If the 'Ville ain't coppin
We out in Richmond gettin' big things poppin'!