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​The Well

This song is by Carman and appears on the live album Sunday's On The Way (1983) and on the album Vol. 1-Best Of The Early Years (1997).

Think about ol' Noah sittin' on his front porch
Eatin' lasagna that he cooked with a torch
He was halfway through a meatball when the Lord spoke
He said "boy, you gonna be busy for a while, buildin' an ark from a huge wood pile"
Ol' Noah's eyes got big as baseballs and he almost... choked

Well he told his family what was goin' down
And they listened intently to him
And nobody fought, or fussed, or frowned
'Cause nobody knew how to swim... yet

Well the rain's came, they was all safe inside
They didn't get wet or nothin'
Noah obeyed 'cause when God speaks,
Everybody listens, even E.F. Hutton

God don't care, what the circumstance
Or even if the future's lookin' dim
God don't want, some big ol' song and dance
He just wants your faith and trust in Him

Little David must have just been in his teens
When he faced Goliath of the Philistines
He was armed with just a slingshot and some stones
Well Goliath was a giant and strong as a tank
And when he looked at men, their stomachs sank
And there stood little David all alone

With faith in God he slung his sling
And much to their surprise
He killed that monster with a stone
That nailed him 'tween the eyes
Then decapitated his fallen foe
And made sure he was dead
And showed everyone there he was someone
Who really knew how to get "a head"

King David was smitten down to his socks
When his eyes caught that Bathsheba fox
His resistance was so shook that he backslid
He went and had her husband killed
Thinkin' his dreams would be fulfilled
But God would make him wish, that he never did

The Lord punished him severe
For bein' stupid as an ape
But David's faith was strong
And God soon pulled him back in shape
Now there's a lesson to be learned here
About dealing with temptation
You keep your eyes on the Creator, men
And not on His creation