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Jericho - The Shout Of Victory

This song is by Carman and appears…

Now Jericho was tightly shut up because of the
Children of Israel... None went out and none came in.
And the Lord said unto Joshua, "See, I have given
Into thine hand Jericho, and the king thereof,
And the mighty men of valor." And ye shall compass the city

The inhabitants of Jericho were perverted by sin and corrupt,
Surrounded by walls so thick the chariots raced on top.
With ladders, catapults and spearheads readied
And blazing in the sun

The armies of Israel stood waiting for commands of
War to come.
For thirty-nine years Joshua was trained under
Moses' righteous hand;
And it was Joshua who led nearly three million
Israelites into the Promised Land.

Now Moses was dead and the real test came:
Could he simply follow God's Word,
And do something that, to the natural mind,
Would be utterly absurd?
Without Moses to ask advice of, or an
Advisory Committee,
God said the wall will fall - "Just tell them 'shout,'
For I have given you the city!"...

Now God was putting into operation a principle of war--
Setting at our disposal weaponry that drops
Demons to the floor!
Something with tremendous power that
Assassinates fear and doubt--
It's the high praises of victory unleashed by a shout!

When David played his songs of praise demons fled from Saul...
As Paul and Silas worshipped God, their chains bean to fall!
It lifts us above circumstance and lets God's power flow:
The shout of victory binds the devil with chains that
Won't let go.

So, with the confidence of warring angels, Israel
Stood stone ready
To obey Joshua, speak to their mountain, and shout,
For God was giving them the city!
Six days they marched around Jericho, and the last
Day they marched seven.

While the Caananites jeered from their evil wall,
Israel's faith reached heaven!
Before any manifestation, with every brick still in place,
Eyeball to eyeball--
They looked fear dead in the face.
They didn't wait to feel some earthquake or to see a lighting flash;
They didn't need to hear a theatric rumble, or a mind-blowing crash.

They prepared their souls for victory...
Now it's God's turn to come through!
They'd screamed their lungs out simply because
They believed God's Word was true!
So, with the high praises of God in their mouths,
Came a massive... there came a volcanic sound!
And Israel shouted in victory... and they shouted in
Faith and the walls came tumbling down!

How many know the anointing breaks the yokes of
The bondages of sin?
Sin can't survive in the anointed, moving
Spontaneous praise of men!
The devil's tormented sickness can't function when
We worship and when we pray...

'Cause the church of the Living God is still alive and
Well today!
Now how many here within the sound of my voice
Are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ?
Are you ready to tear down walls that have held
You captive tonight?
Are you sick and tired of being "down and out," and
You want to be "up and coming?"
Are you ready to let some strongholds fall that have
Never fallen before?

How many know it's "not by might, nor by power,
But by my Spirit" says the Lord?
Then in the name of Jesus Christ I challenge you
Tonight and I dare you...
I said, I dare you to forget the person next to you
And trials you've been in...
Forget religious "do's and don'ts and traditions
Made of men...
With a shout of victory on your lips, with praise
Declaring war,
To leap to your feet right now and make a joyful
Noise and praise the Lord!

We worship You, we worship You; we worship You,
Christ the Lord!
We worship You, we worship You, we worship You
Christ the Lord!