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Carly Simon
This song is performed by Carly Simon and appears on the album Anticipation (1971).
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We can never know about the days to come
But we think about them anyway.
And I wonder if I'm really with you now
Or just chasing after some finer day

Anticipation, anticipation
Is making me late
Is keeping me waiting

And I tell you how easy it feels to be with you
And how right your arms feel around me.
But I rehearsed those words just late last night
When I was thinking about how right tonight might be.

Anticipation, Anticipation
Is making me late
Is keeping me waiting

And tomorrow we might not be together
I'm no prophet, i don't know nature's ways.
So I'll try and see into your eyes right now
And stay right here, 'cause these are the good old days.

Written by:

Carly Simon

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