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​My Heart Is Not For Sale

This song is by Carly.

Correct me if I'm wrong,
But aren't dates supposed to be fun
It was the worst time I ever had
And what drives me crazy is that
You don't even feel a little bit bad
So look in my eyes, we ain't
Gonna socialize till you apologize
Yeah, yeah

My heart is not for sale
No down payments, no excuse for bail
You try to buy now but always break later
You love her then you hate her
And now you're cruisin with me
Forget you until you see
My heart is not for sale

If there is a next time
Which I doubt there will be
Don't use my heart to
Pay for this date
Just because it's worth more than you know
Doesn't mean you can take it away
It won't pay for your bills
It won't do anything for you