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Favorite Song On The Radio

This song is by Carly.

Yeah yeah
Oh my baby
Yeah yeah

Drivin' on the road with a couple of friends
Wind is blowin' in our hair
Checkin' out the world around us
Everything is so right
I don't wanna turn back or go back home
I'll be fine on my own

We pass a little quick mart
But I just drive on by
I wanna hear some tunes
Maybe 'bout a guy who's breaking her heart
Or emotions tearin her apart

I turn on the radio
They're playin' my favorite song
They're playin' my favorite song
Hey yeah oh my baby
They're playin' my favorite song on the radio

I could do this forever
Never wanna stop, just keep on drivin'
Keep on rollin', oh my baby, yeah yeah
Don't wanna play games no more
Like choosin' right from wrong
I wanna be cruisin down that highway
I wanna go my way, yeah yeah
And hear a certain tune in my head

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