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Talking Back

This song is by Carlon.

Second families fade away to acquiantances
Am I being careless or is this just how it is
Feed everyone if you could afford a piece for all
In my paupacy of time I've got my back against the wall

All is well as far as I could tell
I'm old enough to talk
Old enough to talk


Leave yourself alone until I'm left without a choice
Tell the ones I love they've got to pay to hear my voice
Reflex apology, it comes across before it's begun
Tell my closest friends the same I tell everyone

There's that lonely friend of mine
Take yourself on a picnic and leave a needle in a basket
Talking back and forth, talking back and forth
Talking back and forth, talking back and forth

When I talk to you, it don't really mean a thing
When I ask how you do, you're not really listening
All I ask of you is that you remember well
And all I have for me is your thoughts in my wishing well

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