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​Kamikaze Karma

This song is by Carlon and appears on the album Day Two (2005).

Some pineys come out and crash my party
Start stealing shit, then piled in the car
So we take 'em out back to teach them a lesson
Show 'em a little laid back aggression
But they bust out sticks and baseball bats
Till they're going home to get their gats
'Cause their old man's a cedars cop
Be using me for a bullet stop tonight

Kamikaze karma takes me by surprise
Do what I think is right but never realize
That it don't bother them to shoot me down
'Cause his old man does it for the town
They don't like the words I say
Gonna blow my skinny ass away tonight

Well they got pulled over for being hurt and hammered
But they didn't find their way to the slammer
Sure as shit the cops come to my home
With a drug sniffing dog and a pocket full of bones
Did we know those girls were minors?
Billy seen you all fucked up at the diner
Found some papers and a sack
Said, 'boy, looks like your coming back with me'

Well, when I got brought into the police station
Those pineys were there with a look of elation
They said 'I told you you shouldn't have fucked with us'
His daddy says 'Son, now don't you cuss in here!'

(...I can't get most of the rest)