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The Sweetest Thing

This song is by Carlene Carter and appears on the album I Fell In Love (1990).

In the stillness of the dawn
Our love is dead and gone
The sunrise warms my heart
With memories of you
It's the sweetest thing - remembering

There's a picture in the hall
That I'm leaving on the wall
'Cause there's a look in your eyes
That always made me fall apart
It's the sweetest thing - remembering

When I close my eyes to cry
I can't help but feel a smile
'Cause I think of you and I forget
It hurt to say goodbye

But after all that we've been through
It's amazing to me
The sweetest thing's remembering
Oh the sweetest thing - remembering

We wanted love to last forever
And the good lord knows we tried
But when the rain came pouring down
There was no place left to hide

It's the sweetest thing - remembering

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