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Movie Magg

This song is by Carl Perkins and appears on the album Dance Album Of... (1957) and on the album Blue Suede Shoes (1969).

This song has been covered by Paul McCartney under the title "Movie Magg".
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Movie Magg
Now let me take you to the movies Magg
So I can hold your hand
Well it ain't that I don't like your house
It's just that doggone man
And that double barrel behind the door
It waits for Carl I know
So climb upon ol' Becky's back
And let's ride to the picture show

I only see her once the week
And that's when my work is through
I break new ground the whole week long
With my mind set straight on you
I've polished up my ol' horse becky
And she looks good I know
So climb upon ol' Becky's back
And let's ride to the picture show

Well I slick myself too, Saturdaynight
'Cause there's one thing I know
Now me and that little Maggie dear
We're goin' to the picture show
So look out dad, just back up boy
'Cause you are in the way
We'll see you down at the western show
And we will watch the play

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