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Homie's Girl

This song is by Carl Henry.

(Phone ringing)
Hello (male)
Hello (female)
What's up (male)
Can I see you tonight? (female)
Sure (male)

She's about 5'9" about 30
She likes to smile like she's flirty flirty
She's on my mind when I'm feeling lonely
Too bad she's rolling wit my homie
When were alone she likes to fool around and tease me
Tellin' me how she can please me
You got me burning just like fire
Could this thing get any higher?

Was afraid, the situation
She saw me and I saw her
But that's my homies girl
And I know that its wrong
We looked we touched we kissed
Don't no oh what is this?
I know that that's my dawg
My hommie we be crew but

I looked at her and I knew we was wrong
She looked at me we both knew we was wrong
But then the rhythm starting to flow
And now were creepin' on the low
When she's not with him she's here with me
I know its wrong 'cause hes my hommie
Give me the night that sent me the key
She's my hommies girl...

That's the was uh huh uh huh she likes it...

It's getting late its about 12:30
She calls me up says she's feeling lonely
That I should swing by and I should hurry
But when I get there its another story
She greets me at the door lookin' all sexy
Touchin me like she wanna do me
I gave it to her and the lovin' was strong
But I knew it was wrong... she was my hommies girl...

She be cheatin', desevin, creaping
Said we keep it tight while we was freakin
She was acting all... kinda shady
All this time she was still your lady
I must confess with you, you're my only hommie
I lay the pipe when your girl was feelin' lonely
Some of these girls check around and start for check sometimes they hit and run and cause a car wreak

Yo bridget there's something I want to get off of me chest
Boa but I got britney
Oh I saw some girl was being a whore about that
And that's cool
Fredrum for life
See ya

All it took was one look.

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