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Words Of The Wise

This song is by Carl Hauck.

Wake up, my boy

Put on some clothes

And keep on going till you're dead or old

You see, life's about death and death's about life

Don't challenge the system, it ain't worth the strife

Speak up, my boy

Make yourself heard

You're just a vegetable when you don't say a word

You see, talking's the key, listening's overrated

There ain't nothing to hear but politics and radio

Start reading those books, boy

Get yourself learned

Use your time wise, though you've plenty to burn

You see, you read while you're young and write when you're old

Take the knowledge you're forced, only play when you're told

Drink up, my boy

Rum, rum, rum, rum, rum

You're too young to worry, yet too old for fun

You see, advice can only take you so far in life's fight

But take a few shots and you're set for the night

Take the train downtown

Sport some nice clothes

And don't stop working till you're dead or old

You see, all work and no play makes you a rich boy

Spend the big bucks and show off your toys

Find a girl, my boy

And make her your wife

Make sure you get along well, 'cause, well, you're stuck for life

You see, love ain't that important, it's just what they say

Just find a good bitch who won't get in the way

Have a son, my boy

Pass on the name

Forget blocks and letters, raise him for fame

What he wants don't matter, take it from me

'Cause you ain't worth a damn without a legacy Finally, my boy

You got time to rest

Till boredom or sickness leads you to death

You got the freedom that you yearned for as a child

But your smile's gone; you're too old and tired

So you sit in your wheelchair

At the end of the hall

Drooling on your bib and wondering how it all

Went by so


Well, I'll tell you, my boy

I just found out myself

We wrote our lives in chapters on scattered shelves

You see, life ain't in paragraphs, phrases or words

It's in every single letter of one big book

It's all you've ever seen

All you've ever dreamed

All you've cried for, laughed for,

Shouted and screamed


And you ask, my boy

"What's it all mean?

The crying, the laughing, those fleeting dreams?"

Though there's a pretty big chance that I could be wrong

I think you've listened to me for far too long

We're just making our way

Through an endless train

With no real conductors, only some self-proclaimed

We're all searching for the best path to the caboose

But the end don't matter, it's each car's view

It ain't too late

To have a look, my boy

So have a look, my boy

And choose your own


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