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Weekly Heretic

This song is by Carl Hauck.

We have too many gods on this planet.

Forget that they're all self-proclaimed.

We were told by our parents, and with no real awareness,

Had no doubt that we alone were saved.

So we zone out during all of their homilies

And take all of the old literature to heart.

Both are written by men in the name of divinity,

Yet they're contradicting human opinions, and that's just the start.

We're deaf and we're blind, yet we're waging a battle;

We're killing over auditory and visual matters.

We take up our own jihad, forget about God.

Religion makes me lose faith in Man.

The message is always changing with time

As if we've been gaining insight

What's so wrong with uncertainty?

The only thing that's wrong is being certain that we're right.

Still we play Simon Says and take flesh as our bread,

Citing obligation as the reason.

We confess all our sins and repeat them again

While condemning, blaspheming - like I'm doing right now.

Alleluia! We're deaf and we're blind,

Yet we're waging a battle over our lies.

And we can't seem to make the best of our lives

When we're wasting our time with pride fixed in our eyes.

We're all wrong, putting words in His mouth

Until He's arguing, arguing with Herself.

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