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Track Of Mediocrity

This song is by Carl Hauck.

My fabled attempts to triumph

Over this godforsaken game

Instill both a self-ignominy

And an optimism that's to blame

An acquaintance to all

Yet a friend or foe to none

The track of mediocrity

Is a plunge through hell for some

Yesterday's timeline

Wrapped around the circle on my wrist

Scheduled for repetition

I'm the future's witness

The heavens at night are all that's beautiful anymore

I cherish the stroll back to the station

The smooth jazz undertone, the glowing skyscrapers

For the moment lives a comfot in solitude

In the midst of blaring horns and the city pollution

It's dismal to realize there's a curfew tonight

Instead of watching stars, I'll have to settle for the train light

There's no longer refuge in this town, just the smell of smoke and booze

His mouth was telling lies while breathing me the truth

Echo, echo, echo, echo, echo, I can see sound

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