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The Cell

This song is by Carl Hauck.

So this is how solitude commences

With a paycheck in hand and only ghosts to spend it on

Twilight injects a dose of mounting apprehension

Alas, tomorrow's only nightmares away

Apologies for misconstrued pretension

Regret for every syllable that pumped the air between us

The past subsists again given the circumstances

And that's what I'm afraid of, yeah, that's what I'm afaid of

I have long conversations with the cultured television

And the silent companionship of the cordless telephone

But my whole heart's devoted to a slutty corporation

And I swear she loves me back, yeah, I swear she loves me back

Well these wages are happiness, I've got to start pretending

Despite the absence of a single vivid memory

Of reassurance, of stage props set for acting

Life's a joke, someday I'm hoping that I'll get it

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