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Selfish Duet

This song is by Carl Hauck.

Left a chalk self-portrait on her mattress

Then cleansed my skin in the rain

The streetlamps and lobbies just listen

Must be the moonlight that beckons again and again

Calendar countdowns and train station shifts

White sheets lay under the true candidate

Confession in murmurs and indisposed sighs

Truth's in the once-blue, now graying eyes

Bindings and bookmarks soiled in the prints

Of covetous fingers dipped in black ink

The authors are harlots citing their shame

As the reason for tossing their works in the flames

A guardian's ghost framed in the pane

Under rustling of satin, intervention in vain

With the pretext of speakers and lavender lights

A selfish duet crescendos in time

Early April showers and mahogany hair curls

Draw crimson from under the skin

The band-aids and bracelets just masking

The sole thing that ever touched her within

In the darkest of backyards, on sanitized grass

The nurse lays aside her own ailing past

Reception in silence, culmination in gags

With awkward young smiles, this walk is our last

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