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Detail Man

This song is by Carl Hauck.

A photo op, a timely speech

Set upon the carved debris

Of the metal graveyard's scenery

A wholesale slaughter's guaranteed

A warning that the enemy

Ain't your average ass jockey

He wears polo shirts and denim jeans

And an explosive heart up his sleeve

Lock him up, lock him in

Scan the landscape for his kin

Give that worn-out title

New meaning

The sultry scent of evergreen

Diffusing from the gasoline

With a stifled conscience, life is sweet

The outside world is your latrine

The only soldier drafted

Is the prisoner upstairs

And we're no longer asking

We're dictating our prayers

The sole thing that we're certain of is that He's on our side

But we've never thought of His side, we never took the time

So we'll ask that old library clerk

To find a chapter and a verse

Corresponding with our work

And on our bombs we'll paint the words

To whom this may concern

Keep turning that cheek

This earth is for the strong

And death is for the meek

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