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Never Enough

This song is by Cardinal Sin and appears on the compilation album Resurrection (2004).

Born to a material world
Where greed and envy reign
Never care for anyone
Just for what they can gain - HA!

Obsessive anthropoids
Futile acquisition
Of things to be relinquished
At the time of your perdition
They think that happiness
In trivial things is found
Let's see how much is worth
When you're six feet underground

Childs of uncomformity
What others have they want
Ask them to help the hungry
They rather die than give a hand

No love in your heart you live such a pathetic life
You're a die hard born to shop buy everything in sight
You rather get new clothes than to buy your children food
Tell me something ONCE YOU DIE what good would it do
Ther's never enough

Born to a material world where greed and envy reign
Never care for anyone
Forever live in vain

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