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Jitterbug (Junior Is A)

This song is by Cardiacs and appears on the album Guns (1999).

Bend this spine out of mine
Oh I'm loads of rain, shower me!
Jelly muddy on strength of their bodies
And all I get is an odd feeling

Bend this spine out of mine
Feet seen my lies seen my fear in all the air
And seem like clay

Junior all pale again
So panic red and barmy eyed and
Broken as a bird in air with strangers
Beating a scene and pleased beneath me
Kicking at air better to eat with
Ah! Lightly carving away
And be wed all she wares

And if the 'sceeters don't get him
Then the 'gators all will
And junior is a jitterbug
Chesty and blue, a still born mouthful
Slid away and hid himself in the earths face

All good news for now
Rods make buildings in the sand pit
Fiona kissed my desk
Me I just stay out the way
Old ounce weights all blown upside down
Air, light, and labour saving devices
All sun skim her I don't want to go home
Drag back, lighting up time
Thin yellow on the cotton white
And the beautiful strangers stripes were green
And make her full of secrets
And sounded like her name
And sounded like her hair
Which I tried to smell but made a funny face instead
Lie for the beads, they are not for me
Hide them in a match box
Made all special with white cotton wool
Keep the ones that click on teeth
Hand me back the ones that won't
Hand me back the rest with the box

I love you

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