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Everything Is Easy

This song is by Cardiacs and appears on the compilation album Songs for Ships and Irons (1991).

Signs and beams and visions swank
Their display clear as the day
Right clear for my eyes
All glitter tin supporates
Like a prat with excess
To celestial bliss and glory

Gas gun, limelight, beacons beam
Apparitions that leave me
Blind as a beetle

God says;
"It's easy, everything is easy"
And I can't find what to say
'Til I find the start
And I won't love 'til I gain
For myself a heart

All the haves and the havenots
And everything's as sound as clean
And everything is easy!

And it wins in my esteem
For flies above the rest
Libations on your mind
You maintain the best is now
And it pains all everything
Takes us to the start
And I won't know 'til I gain
For this self a heart soul
To breathe again to lay the flame
To ring action to my soul
Displace to fuel the flame
Make way for everything to behold
From the ground and in the air
It's a fabulous spectacle
Worthy of laudation

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