Cardcaptor Sakura:Guardian Of The Cards By:Tempest Featuring Rikki R Lyrics

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Guardian Of The Cards By

This song is by Cardcaptor Sakura.

You can do anything
If you believe it's true
See what this friendship brings
It can only get stronger when you work it through

You can go anywhere
Imagination will take you through
Magic and mystery
In a blink of an eye
You could fly to the moon

Out of all the people in the world
You're the chosen one of every boy and girl
Now your friends are here
Your mission's clear
You're the guardian of the cards

Every day is a new adventure
As you discover the magic you need
You uncover the mystic secrets
Where the power within is a will to succeed

Yes, this is your destiny
This is what you were born to do
Bring back the harmony
To make a better world for me and you

(repeat chorus)

*You're the guardian of the cards
You're the chosen one
Yes, you are

No matter where you search
Near or far
You're the guardian of the cards

(repeat chorus)


(repeat chorus)