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Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. Aoi Kioku
  2. Arigatou(Movie 2)
  3. Arigatou
  4. Ashita E No Melody (Movie 2)
  5. Blue As The Sky (Romaji)
  6. Blue As The Sky
  7. Cardcaptors Theme Song
  8. Catch You Catch Dubbed Version (Yes, There Is A En
  9. Catch You Catch Me (English Version)
  10. Catch You Catch Me (Spanish Version)
  11. Catch You Catch Me(English, Tv Version)
  12. Catch You, Catch Me (1st. Opening, Tv Size Version
  13. Catch You, Catch Me (Português)
  14. Dreaming(Hebrew)
  15. Get Your Love
  16. Groovy (Spanish)
  17. Guardian Of The Card
  18. I Am A Dreamer
  19. I Catch You, You Catch Me - Yo Te Atrapo, Tu Me At
  20. Just Around The Corner
  21. Ki Ni Naru Aitsu/Li Syaoran's Song (English Versio
  22. Kini Naru Aitsu
  23. Koko Ni Kite (Come Here)- Movie 2
  24. Kotchi Wo Muite / Li Meiling's Song (English)
  25. Kotchi Wo Muite / Li Meiling's Song (Romaji)
  26. Let's Go (Card Captors!)
  27. Lue As The Sky (English)
  28. Mienai Chizu
  29. Nishi Kaze No Kaeri Michi / The West Wind's Way Ho
  30. No Nagging Anymore
  31. Okashi No Uta / Song Of Sweets-Kero-Chan&Suppii-Ch
  32. Okashi No Uta
  33. Ordinary Girl
  34. Prism
  35. Sepia No Hi
  36. She Is The One (Card Captors!)
  37. Somiadora(3rd Opening Catalonian)
  38. Super Duper Love Love Days
  39. Tobira Wo Akete (2nd Opening, TV version)
  40. Tooi Kono Machi De
  41. Twenty-Four (English)
  42. Wings Of The Dream
  43. You Were There (Ico Ending Theme)
  44. Zutto Zutto Zutto
  45. あなたといれば Anato To Ireba (If I'm with you)
  46. Cardcaptors Theme Song
  47. Cardcaptors Theme
  48. Guardian Of The Cards By:Tempest Featuring Rikki R
  49. Guardian Of The Cards
  50. It's My Life (Ending Song Moive 1)
  51. Just Around The Corner
  52. Let's Go (Card Captors)
  53. Ordinary Girl
  54. She Is The One (Card Captors)
  55. Tell Me
  56. Tobira Wo Akete (2º Abertura)
  57. Cardcaptors Theme Song
  58. Groovy-English Ending
  59. Guardian Of The Cards
  60. I Am A Dreamer (2nd Series)
  61. Just An Ordinary Girl
  62. Just Around The Corner
  63. No Nagging Anymore
  64. Ordinary Girl
  65. Song From The Third Element
  66. ひとつだけ by 丹下桜 (Sakura Tange)

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