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This song is by Carbon 12.

Your mind
Is fed from me
Your thoughts
You'll take from me
I give you everything
To survive

You have never thought for yourself
Masses tell you how to react.

I created you just imitate
Just one part of the machine
They tell you how and when to jump
I give you life
Life that you don't deserve

Rotting away in some else's shell
Walking a line that you didn't even draw
Never looking past when I tell you what you think


Your life is an act
You'll never have
You conform to everyone else
And condemn me cause of jealousy
I created you just imitate
You're a waste of my fucking time
Everything you say I've heard before
I'm sick of you always sucking on me

I decide what you want (x8)

You're just a fucking parasite

Your opinion is mine
I gave it to you (x4)

Your life is just an act

Originality you'll never have (x2)