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Life Is Sweet

This song is by Cara Beth Satalino and appears on the album Crowded Mouth (2006).

Life is sweet.
And given the chance I might agree.
The sight of the sound around the
Hemisphere withdrawing.
Images are calling me to sleep.

You foresaw this bizarre according of an enterprise
Falling all around you.
Ashes on your sweatsuit.
Who. Is. It.

Across the ocean
Beneath the sea.
Stepping on everyone like a big booted bully.
You're terrorizing the playground.
You make a big joke at their expense.
Nobodies gonna come
Running to the crime scene
To clean up all the junk you laid.
Who. Is. It.

And you said it was the only way.
And as always I disagree.
Now your walls are breaking
And your bones are shaking my teeth.

Bring the boys home safe
At the end of the day.
I think it's easier said then done.

What do you get
When give?
What do you gain?
Here we go.
You revert your soul.
Oh here we go.
You revert your soul
I know
I know
I know.

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