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is this dust really from the Titanic?

This song is by Car Seat Headrest and appears on the EP How to Leave Town (2014).

The cool thing about having a lot of artist friends
Is getting to see a lot of unreleased or unfinished work
Being tossed around casually
As if it was just another average part of their life
Since obviously for them it is
At the same time, though
Even though these artists will share this stuff with you freely
If you're as they say, 'in the know'
You get the feeling that they wouldn't want it to be seen this way
To the larger audience they're creating for
As something that can be placed into the context of a life

The shitty thing about having artist friends
Is getting into the front seat of their car
And having to rest your feet on fast food burger wrappers
And empty Gatorade bottles
It's depressing to realize that these people
That you've thought had a much better hold on life than you
Don't really have their shit together
At least, not in the normal sense
And if I'm being honest, it does kind of matter
Apparently, it's impossible to be an artist
And not have puked-in car cup holders
I'm not excluding myself from this

Ibuprofen bottle
Ibuprofen box
Loose Ibuprofen capsules
Shorthand directions to
Elmhurst, Minneapolis, Bozeman, Tiger Mountain
Great Clips receipt with coupon attached
I won't need my hair cut for months

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