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Hey, Space Cadet! (Beast Monster Thing In Space)

This song is by Car Seat Headrest and appears on the EP How to Leave Town (2014).

It is 2014 and I have no idea what is going on in my life

Hello hello hello hello
I'm so excited to finally be here
Hello hello hello hello
I got a little drunk before I came here

Frozen margaritas in Austin
Hi, How Are You Daniel Johnston
Just a day's drive away from Memphis
Taking care of business with Elvis

And I'm so far away from home
Last night I dreamed I had returned
To the land of all my favorite highways
(Route seven)

Hey, space cadet
You can't hang out with your friends
Even when you are with them

Hey, space cadet
You're gonna need a lot of love
But not the kind you're thinking of

And the times when I feel fine
I'm just dancing in my mind
Couldn't stay outside too long
Had to come and write this song

Hey, space cadet
Didn't think it'd be this far
But that's the price for being a star

I met you through the television screen
I fell in love with the guy smiling at the audience
And now this love is praecox feeling
And now this love is aspect dawning

Hello hello hello hello
It should be easier than this
We should fit like a glove and a hand

Hey, space cadet
The things you see inside your head
You'd better make other plans instead

Hey, space cadet
It's all right to want to dream
It doesn't mean reality is mean

Hey, space cadet
It's time to show them what you can do
What can you do, man, what can you do?

Hey, space cadet...

Love isn't love enough
Love isn't love enough
Love isn't love enough
Love isn't love enough
Love isn't love enough
Love isn't love enough

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