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Don't Remind Me

This song is by Car Seat Headrest and appears on the album Nervous Young Man (2013).

I was thinking of ways I could get you
Now I'm thinking of ways to forget you
I was finished the minute I let you in my bed

I stayed up late bitching
About being awake
Until you said "For God's sake"
That's what you said

I don't want a merry Christmas
I don't want these naked pictures
That you took under some fictional name

I don't want to lie awake thinking
"Oh, is that what that was about?"
Because everything falls into place
So late so late but I gotta - wanna figure it out

Now that I got you
I won't get nothing out of you no more

A couple hours, yeah, it was good
I'd leave by fire escape if I could
But you're in my home, I took you here myself

And you came on your own
Into my unknown
Did you do it for me alone or your own health?

I wanted you tonight
Pretty soon it must get light
Just when I thought I might sleep some more

I listened to you sleep talking closed
My eyes and started nodding
When someone started knocking on the door

(Where's the drum?
Where are the drums?)

It's not going to happen
It's not going to
It's not going to work out
I know we had plans to
It's not going to happen
It's not going to
It's not going to work out
Now that I know you
No no no no no no no no

Learned to turn the light off
After I jerked off, I opened my eyes and saw nothing
A line of light underneath the door was all that I needed

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