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Crows (Rest In Bigger Pieces Mix)

This song is by Car Seat Headrest and appears on the album Nervous Young Man (2013).

I am not I am not I am not I am not I'm alive
Hey boys, stop being so mean
Calling your girlfriend names

Sweatshirts strings dangling
Under fluorescent lighting
Sweatshirt strings strangling
Inside the parking complex

What if for just one night
You turned into an animal?

No longer hampered by the weight of our skin
We focus solely on the pleasures within
Abandoned hallways with the lights flickering
The empty parking lot we fold our bones in
Street lights reflecting makes an asphalt halo
The night-time is the right-time come on let's go
It was much darker at the time don't you know
The color's faded out on this video
Let's go

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