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​Representing South West

This song is by Captain Save 'em and appears on the album My Cape Is in the Cleaners (2000).

(Feat. Pimp C, Lil Big, & Yukmouth)

Representin south west
Ain't nothin' fake about it, 'Bout it, 'Bout it

(Verse 1: Pimp C)
Uh, When I was young, I used to want big rocks
Now I'm breakin 'em in the black 'rarri drop top
Wit the v-12 motor, So baby bend over
For the big cheese holder, Blowin' on dolja
Tell me how ya feel when you see a pimp shinin
7 ave killer on my neckbone and diamonds
That was 20 karrats, How ya gon stop
If you was blazed on the 99 ave couldn't chop it
Speakin' of the lead gun, This is 'bout a new one
Black on black thuggin' mary, Buy mama the blue one
Ya saw me in the white one, That was for that big bun
And mary watches jus gave me a check for 2 million
Now we did the first half, Never sip the hen fast
Comin' down franklin wit the bulletproof glass
You can pay for p, But I'ma smoke on the best
Cause that's how we do it in the south and the west

(Verse 2: Lil Big)
Ain't No room for no elites up in my big league
We monopolizing and prophisizing for bigger cheese
Strategies makin' our fantasies realities
And business mentalities keep our pockets fat like calories
It's time to get the mob a makeover
No more slangin cola, We major stakolas plannin corporate takeovers
Callin the shots up from the skyscrapers, Pushin paper
Makin' deals for millions gettin' paid to sign players
This thang of ours changed the movies, Music, And rappin'
Supplying what they demanding, And it's rapidly expanding
Worldwide, So make you witness
That the true definition of mob is money, Organization, And the business
Who here? Big league players up from the west
State ya biz, Mafia ties is in effect
We connect, All of the dots between states, True respect
For Lil Big, Yukmouth, And Pimp C

(Lil Big)
If you represent the south, Say ya heard me! (Ya heard me!)
If you represent the west, Say what what what what!
If you represent the south, Say ya heard me! (Ya heard me!)
If you represent the west, Say what what what what!

(Verse 3: Yukmouth)
Hollowtips bust out, Definite thugged out
Said it before, I wanted to own my own drug house
Ya dig it? Meal tickets and diamonds, Motherfuckers still kickin and grindin
Niggaz hatin', Now doin' it and shinin
Crackin' spills shit reclinin in a range
Wit that woodgrain and TV screens, Video games ridin'
Hey, Listen to me, Motherfuckers goin' off ecstasy hatin' hennessy
.45 Automatic, No way ya get rid of me
Welcome to the city where niggaz act shitty
But toast ya freight knees wit dum dums, It's the ol ak
For niggaz who fled the cops, But they go our ways
Listen, Plus I'm signed to rap a lot, scrap a lot
Bust the gat a lot, Smoke, Slang crack a lot
Listen, Crazy shit, Westside! Westside!

(Chorus till fade)