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When A Flawless Plan Turns Into A Masterpiece Of Total Disaster

This song is by Captain Polaroid and appears on the album Spitting Facts, Splitting Fractions (2005).

You're looking at a photograph, you don't know who it is, don't remember taking it and still don't know who did. But all you feel is jealousy - a rage towards someone that you don't know. Your brain produces images of what you'll look like once the magazines remind you of the things that you forgot, television reminds you of the people you have lost and radio reminds you of the songs that you forgot or didn't know. You're looking in the mirror, you don't know who it is. The tears down your cheeks cut your face into segments. Your vision's blurred, the idea's absurd but it might just do the trick. You hope so. So you're saving up the tokens in the fashion magazines to get discounted surgery for the unhappy. You dial the number (0800)-GET-A-NEW-BODY that they'll envy. You're drawing in black marker the things you'd like to change until your body's covered in those lines of discontent and you're looking like a blueprint for a house you'll never build. But you can't be happy still.

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