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​Seven Days To A New You

This song is by Captain Polaroid and appears on the album Spitting Facts, Splitting Fractions (2005).

I want to lose this excess flesh that makes me feel so sexless and ugly
I'm so obese no one can look at me
'Elle' - you are my God, 'Marie-Clare', 'Cosmo', thank you 'Seventeen' for teaching wrong from right
The less I weigh the more I starve myself
Exercise to love my thighs
This diet is killing me but everyone's telling me "look like this and you'll be happy"
I want to be happy
I want to be so beautiful
Just food is obscene - a cause to vomit, a waistline sacrifice
Half the girls my age disgust me with their tragic obsessions
Crisps, chocolate and sweets are not the food that eight year olds should eat to be sexy and think
Repulsion begins when I see myself