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​Pro Action Replay

This song is by Captain Polaroid and appears on the EP Pro Action Replay EP (2007).

You live by the sea because you say it creates memories that are better than the city you came from.
You leaped into my arms like a frightened girl from a
TV show and asked me "will you stay around a while?".
Won't you swing your golden axe into my heart?
You told me of your life in a way that sounded so profound I had to write it down and publish it at once.
They all wanted to read about the girl with scars who wouldn't eat.
It made us rich beyond our wildest dream.
You'll swing your golden axe into my heart.
The sequel was a flop but then sequels often are.
You know you'll always be a trilogy to me.
You left without a word so I quickly wrote the third under the name 'Pro
Its about the day you swung your golden axe into my heart.