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Excuse After Excuse

This song is by Captain Polaroid and appears on the album Spitting Facts, Splitting Fractions (2005).

Your redundant comments are the backbone of a stable society that keeps us separated and feeds us with excuse after excuse. We're not educated, we just fulfil the requirements of a brainwashed youth. Everyone's a sinner so repent to convince yourself 'He' has a use. A hardback guide to live by, pages filled with lies and prejudice... but fear keeps you believing (well something's got to 'cause there's no substance in this far-fetched science fiction) the unbelievable stories they produce and the crimes that they excuse. Something's got to be done. We've all been bad so someone start a flood a wipe us out on the television - its pay-per-view, subscription fees apply. We watch with sick obsession until the seas engulf our very selves and die happy knowing they sold destruction to the very end. This kind of lie invalidates the truth.

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