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​Dust Will Settle On This Lifeless Town

This song is by Captain Polaroid and appears on the album Other Short Stories And Better Works Of Fiction (2007).

You can cough up cash or cough up blood.
You can kill them in the name of
Close your eyes and count to ten, nuke the whole damn neighbourhood.
The dust will settle on this lifeless town, the dust will settle on this bombed-out town.
The church is coming, you should let them in.
The church is coming to forgive 'your' sins (the sins that they create)
The thoughts that keep you awake.
There's been a murder in the shopping mall.
When cops are killing kids who can you call?
TVs scream in the department store "you need me in your new apartment or you'll buy much more that you will ever need".
Just give me something to sustain my greed like a fast food restaurant - the golden arches have cornered me.