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Shake Weight

This song is by Captain Murphy and appears on the mixtape Duality (2012).

A true believer's manifesto I do, The King he say so
Crown the boy and kill these fucking jesters on the dice roll
The bottle got 'em real nice, I got the night popping off
Ain't never rock no mic, I only Rachmaninoff
Tell these hoes knock it off, my lawn is looking real pretty
Spend a lot of time snorting lines off your bitch's titty
Laugh it up fuzzball
You didn't see us back there
She spent her night contemplating life within a nut hair
I know you think it's not fair but this is how it be though
A sexy beast control the globe chilling in a speedo
Above the law, making bets
Sing my song, make your bets
Just keep it raw, nigga
About to spark the la, nigga

Smoke an L with the Captain, ain't nothing that he lacking
Cadillacing on some rap shit, ain't never look back
When I leave her lost looking for my number on the napkin
This is how it happened, the voodoo in my rapping
Who knew she'd be lacking all the skills it take
To make The King a couple steaks
Separated from the fakes
Now you see the fate we make, terminate the fucking hate
Before I go and leak the tape or masturbate
When I humiliate
The God is really great, blessed up on the record crate
Bet she gonna take the bait, telling her she think she late

Put a stain upon her pretty taint
Lick the tip or shake the weight
Up on the first or second date

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