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El Topo

This song is by Captain Murphy and appears on the mixtape Duality (2012).

Tell her that the trouble's on
Memorized the numbers on my cell-a-phone
Who you calling who you with
Sick of it my pheromone
(Fuck!) stay sharp in the essence
The moonlit blessing
Never left us guessing
And never did I know
Devour plans: Quasar in the stellar debacle
Pretend my nigga you and I can simply just swap souls
And go onward through life all game no dice all right back to earth
Big titties and round booties
Ten bucks more show her how I pump her without shooting
My oopy doopy fantasy hard to stay mad at me
A matter of the heart for the queen and her majesty
A pen I picked a pepper in a medical book
I look back and think twice at the hand that I shook
My doppelganger made a banger last evening
Kill him on the corner take his crack how we reason
Put him on the back burner Cap Murphy season season season season

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