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​El Diablo

This song is by Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters.

I never knew my father
When I was born he was in jail
My mom says that it's a fuckin' shame
That he was a good man
But he put a bullet in the heads
Of three other men
Now he lives in el diablo

He writes to me now and then
Tells me that he loves me
And some stories about prison
But every time I hear the words of that fuckin' murderer
I'm in my own el diablo

What type of man can always do right?
To grow up strong and never lose sight
This time I stand and fight for my life
I'll escape el diablo tonight

My el diablo has no bars
No wardens, no rapists and no activity yrad
My prison lies in side my head
It's my own self destructiveness
That keeps me in el diablo

Late at night when the lone wolf cries
I lay in bed and wonder why
With a loaded gun in my hand
I could make it all end
And escape el diablo

The time has come it's at hand
So ill take the train down and
See my old man
With the sound of the tracks I know I'm never coming back
I'm going to el diablo

I walk through the gates he says "son
I hope you know I love you
I'm so glad you've come"
When I heard the words of that fucking murderer
I shot him dead in el diablo