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​Blood Beers And Tears

This song is by Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters.

It was a Saturday night
I was already drinkin'
With the punx 'n' 'skins
I was beginning to think
A night like this
Could not go wrong

Passin 40's, sippin bass
I shoulda known the fun wouldn't last
I couldn't believe what I saw

I picked a fight
I smashed a window
I did anything just to get you
Off and outta my mind

Straight from the cradle
From the day I was born
Fear, heartbreak, pain, sorrow
Is all I've known

I remember crazy nights
The way you made me
Feel so right
My tears are mixed with the broken glass
I'll regret the day I met you
But never forget the
Way you touched me
Memories are all I have

In my heart and in my mind
You're cruxcified for all time
Buried six feet deep
I turn it over in my mind
Stories my head has
Told me
I cannot stand the cold
But that's okay I don't mind

I can't believe you've gone and left me
Its almost more
Than I can stand
But I'm not a broken man
I got my heart on my sleeve
And my guitar in hand
Bored and lonely
Back where I started
Blitzed, schlitzed and broken hearted
Rollin' down the same old road

See ya baby

Blood red is what I saw with you in the arms
Of another guy yeah
Beer is what I drank
Just to get you off my mind
Tears are what I'm cryin
When you don't come home

Blood beers and tears
Three words I call my home