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What Do You Know?

This song is by Captain Everything! and appears on the album Learning To Play With... (2001).

Well I tried to be nice, and I tried to be here,
And I tried to be everything all at once
Well what was it like, no, you're never there,
And I can't be everything,
She told me it's all right but I'm over you now, she said hey! it's all
and what do you know?

Well I thought of it a lot, and I thought of coming clean, so did you,
And that's a lie, she said nice timing
And I laid my head on her shoulder
Was she thinking of you, I've got someting to say to you,
Does it hurt that we don't talk anymore?
You know that it hurts me too, the way I'm feeling when you don't call,
Have you got somehting to say to me?
It must be something that we can't see,
I've got something to say to you,
It means nothing though...

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