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​May All Liars Burn In Hell

This song is by Captain Chaos.

Poor Dave, we called him the Doctor

'Cause he always had boxes of mouthwash and medicine

His father, he was a fascist

And his mother sat silent

His youth was not pretty, to say the least

We put an ad out in a magazine

He was one of the three kids that called

And we turned him down right away

'Cause his parents were freakign out

So he went to Richmond instead

Where he met my friend Greg Wells

Greg Wells was our roadie from before

He had gone on many of our tours

It was chaos or luck or fate or something

That led Dave to his door

Greg called me up and told me about Dave

It seemed like one of those things

So we decided to give him a shot

You cannot escape your fate...

We took him on tour and the van broke down

He called home for the first time

We were Holbrook, Arizona

And the hot sun was melting our minds

His father told him to call his ex-girlfriend

His only ex-girlfriend, the love of his life

When he was with her he was not lonely

He was cool, and he was doing all right

He had a cool car, and the kids paid him respect

She broke his heart, he lost the car

And he lost all of it

So he called her from that payphone

With the cold air conditioning

He called her from that payphone

Listening listening listening listening

She said that she missed him

And that she wanted him back

His heart swelled and nearly exploded

And pushed all of his blood out through the cracks

He hopped on a bus for 52 hours

Thinking of her the whole

When he got back to Rockford all tired and excited he found out it was a lie

And his Dad was behind it, his Dad was behind it

I think it's the worst lie ever told

His Dad was behind it, his Dad was behind it

I hope that he burns in Hell

May all liars burn in Hell

For the lies that they have told

May all liars burn in Hell

Until they're as black as their own souls