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Mesmerization Eclipse

This song is by Captain Beyond and appears on the album Captain Beyond (1972).

See the bright chipper in the harbor, hey
Making irridescent waves
Need to try a little harder
On the voyage to better days

Sun and moon in the valley
At the same time
Bringing out the golden braid
Yes we're gonna reach
The peak in no time
I think earth just a runaway

Mesmerization eclipse's move me

Desperation is setting in, baby
Erratic movement to and fro
Need your love to make it right, baby
Cause I have no place to go

Sun and moon in the valley
At the same time
Hey, baby, you know it's true
Cause we're gonna reach
The peak in no time, yeah!
I think earth is a crazy fool, hey!

Oh earth, sun,
Daylight blew my time
Things got lost
Oh so lost
Trying to hide inside

Mesmerization baby (x8)

Oh, you got!
Pulled you in like the ancient Sirens
Everybody said disguise me
Here's mesmerization eclipse till mornin'
Never quite deserved to be
It's a mesmerization eclipse...

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