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I Can't Wait For Summer

This song is by Captain Ahab.

Remember in Junior High
You always said that I
Was the sort of girl that made you
Want to go on living.

I don't want to sound skeptical
But I don't think it's acceptable
To make me cry
Just to see the tears sparkling in my eyes

But it's not Junior High anymore
And I don't have to take your shit anymore
I ve a new boyfriend now
And he has got a motorcycle.

I know that I'm gonna break out real soon
If I can just stay alive till June
I'm a woman now
Yeah, I've changed
You better believe it.

I can't wait
I can't wait
I can't wait for summer.

You gotta stop following
Me home after cheerleading
Scott's gonna kick your ass
'Cause he's a fucking football player

You don't get to decide
How to commit suicide
Scott's gonna have you killed
'Cause he's a fucking cocaine dealer.

'Cause it's not junior high anymore
And I don't like Nine Inch Nails no more.
Don't fucking talk to me
'Cause I don't want to read your poetry

I just can't wait to get out
Onto the sand, Rubbing
Suntan lotion on my man
I need to shave my snatch
If I am going to get any action

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