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Latino Riders

This song is by Capone and appears on the album God Guns Money (2006).

On my block
It gets hot
My raza riders man
Some get stuck
Some get shot
My gente bangin' fo life
We don't got
We know guns
We got here getting new ones
On my block
It gets hot
Latinos ride till we die

My hood man
It's all eses
Tattoo with the three's and the x's
Out in chi
Whole different thing
It's all conejo's, disipline's and kings
In detroit latin counts roll deep
Sureno soldiers banging on the streets
It gets thick with the dudes and the chicks
They all out here empyting the clips
Verna street full of gangsters and rollers
San antonio straight up soldiers
My sanferos gon roll on the canyon
Youngsters and pee wees loading up the cannons
Ben davis up, dickies sagging
The only thing red on my block is a wagon
Fuck with us man you gonna see some action
Thank god every day that I'm a mother fuckin' latin

No chump change leavethe big dough
Graduated from shake to the indo
A Mexican never know what he in fo
Move through the hood in a six fo
Narco corridos
Yeah we bang that
Vatos shoot us
We bang back
Hermosas at a show
We bang that
Little homie where you from
Where your gang at
Southwest detriot where I hang at
All the real rap shit yo I sang that
See me on the bronx with my wercos
Mexicanos, columbianos y mantecos
Down in Texas we all caballeros
All paisanos whipping on the cuervos
Dos x's y modelo get plastered
Drop enemigos in a casket

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