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​The Chap Who Threw His Two Shoes

This song is by Capitol Steps and appears on the album Obama Mia! (2009).

Bush (Secret Service Agents):
And lately my ratings have been rather poor, they haven't been the highest lately. But I did find out I'm very popular in a place called YouTube.

I went to give a friendly speech, but here's what happened instead
I had to duck a shoe bomb that was aimed at my head
I did not deserve this, and what made me nervous
What the hell happened to the Secret Service?

Pardon me boys, where's the chap who threw his two shoes (ooh... ooh...)
Go tell his staff, I wear a nine and a half (go tell his staff, nine and a half)
Pardon me boys, but I could really use some new shoes (ooh... ooh...)
Could they toss down, some tassel loafers in brown?

SS 1:
We were specifically employed to watch the President's back
Now we'll be deployed to go and fight in Iraq

SS 2:
Past is headed whistled, we could face dismissal

'Cause you left me open to a footwear missile

SS 1:
Pardon me sir, could you identify the chap who lost control

I think that I could do that

SS 2:

Because I saw his sole!
Vice President Cheney told me now I might get athletes head.