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Super Congress Debt Committee

This song is by Capitol Steps.

The Congress had a spiteful fight about the debt increases
The Senate staff was out of cash to pay their office leases
Now there's a plan to keep this land from falling all to pieces
Will our economy soon be about as strong as Greece's?

The Super Congress Debt Committee has been quite atrocious
If they cut programs or raised tax it could have been ferocious
And if John Boehner has a plan, it better be precocious
Or in two years will reappear Speaker Nancy Pelocious

Um diddle iddle um diddle iddle ah
Um diddle iddle um diddle iddle ah

Already in 2012, some folks are set to run
We are looking at the candidates, where should we put our money
Since no one ever fixes things when all is set and done
We suggest you vote for politicians who are super funny

The Super Congress may not solve a problem so humungous
But we're perplexed - did you expect to fix it in a song, yes?
So we suggest we take a rest, we all should take a long breath
Remember the word progress is the opposite of Congress!