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Obama Mia

This song is by Capitol Steps and appears on the album Obama Mia! (2009).

And now, the Capitol Steps brings you the newest musical out of Washington, DC. Please welcome the Washington, DC press corps!

We all work for the press, and our ethics are strong
We know showing opinions clearly is wrong
Look at us now, will we ever learn
We don't know how, but we started to lose control
There's a fire within my soul

Just one look at the charisma he brings
One more look and we're anointing him king
Whoa, whoa, Obama mia, here we go again
Obama mia, here we go again
My, my, how can you resist him
Obama mia, we just knew he'd win
My, my, how I'd love to kiss him

Yes, McCain heard us yawning
While Barack has us fawning
My, my, we're a bunch of biased dopes

Press Member: Obama mia, he's pro-dream, pro-hope!

My, my, with Obama we eloped

Yes, it's the new hit musical, Obama Mia! But what will become of his prior rival, Senator John McCain?

I'm standing over here
The press could never see me
Don't they want to know
About that plumber Joe

Barack had all the cards
'Cause he's young and good looking
And try hard though I might
I'm still uncool and white

So the beginner takes it all
And I'm just standing small
And my voice sounds to some
Like I swallowed helium

When we had our debates
My answers got long-winded
'Cause half my time I'd spend
Calling you my friends

I really need that job
Boy, I could use the salary
I've got outstanding loans
On seven different homes
So now I took a fall
And president might be
The only thing I missed
On my bucket list
The beginner takes it all

Narrator: And how will it end? What will John McCain do next?

Press 1: Though it's true that your votes were low
Press 2: You got to show some getup and go
Press 3: Maybe you should try dancing, give your wife a tip
McCain: But I might break my hip

Press 1: John McCain, we just cannot lie
Press 2: You don't seem like a real smooth guy
Press 3: Come on, get your groove on, show folks you can dance
McCain: Get me an ambulance

But you must take a chance
Come on and dance McCain
Dance McCain, work it through the pain
Though we've seen you've been beat like a tambourine, oh, yeah

Hey, look at me, I'm alive
Doing the foxtrotish jive

Press 1: You could be a celebrity

McCain: I'm just like Brittany

Obama: I'm Barack Obama, and I approve this message

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