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Hans Blix and the Inspectors

This song is by Capitol Steps and appears on the album Between Iraq And A Hard Place (2003).

Ladies and Gentlemen, coming soon to a record store near Baghdad, direct from their sold out tour of Iraq, it's the group that's mind-sweeping the nation, please give it up for Hans Blix and the Inspectors!

Blix (Inspectors):
What you hid (do)
Baby I'll find it (do)
That locked door (do)
I'll look behind it (do)
No more stalling (do)
We're gonna inspect (just a little Blix)
Inspect (just a little Blix)
I-N-S-P-E-C-T, tell me where the warheads be

Blix and Inspectors: I-N-S-P-E-C-T

Inspectors: Show me how mean you can be

Blix and Inspectors:
Sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me
We're gonna inspect

Well, so what if they can't find a dirty bomb, they'll find a way into your hearts with songs like this:

I've been looking for scuds in all the wrong places

All we could find are some cases of harmless wool
And silos full
Of things marked "Nothing in Here"

I'll find those scuds before they attack me

We'll search each baby boom factory
We'll get all the facts

Or I'll be back

But wait, there's more! Hear Vice-President Cheney and his classic rendition of "Duke of Oil!" And the latest song about the vice-president's military plans:

Hussein, did you see the fighters?
If you need a light you won't even need a lighter
A couple of dozen planes tonight are being flown
You're gonna hear fantastic sounds of predatory drones

Well, say, Saddam, have you seen them yet?
Looking so close now
Ch-Ch-Ch-Cheney and the Jets

That's right, it's all here on one album. Act now and we'll throw in the Hans Blix special biography, Between Iraq and a Hard Place. It's a surefire hit with this theme song from the Beatles:

I want to hold your
I want to hold your
I want to hold your


Not available in stores.

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